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  • scentwork kit

    Scentwork Kits

    Kit containing everything you need – 1 odour – $35.00

  • Essential Oils for Scent Work

    Essential Oils (for Scent Work) – Birch, Anise, Cypress or Clove – $12.00 for 10ml or set of 4 for $40

  • economy bait bag

    Economy Bait Bag

    Two pocket bait bags with adjustable belt. Available in black, red or blue – $14.50 

  • black dog treat bag

    Black Dog Treat Bag

    Holds enough treats for a whole class – $29.50 

  • treat pouch sock

    Black Dog Treat Bag Sock

    Sock that slips inside treat pouch to keep it clean. Black only – $13.50

  • lickimat


    Lickimat Buddy, Soother or PlayDate


  • Lickimat Splash

    Lickimat Splash Bowl

    Lickimat SplashBowl


  • Lickimat Tuff Pro

    Lickimat Tuff Pro

    Lickimat Tuff Pro


  • target stick

    Folding Target Stick

    Aluminium – 84cm full length or 24cm folded.$27

  • acme whistle

    Acme Silent Dog Whistle

    Made in England – pitch adjustable – $39.50

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    Often we have specials being offered by the wholesalers that we can pass on to you, which usually only last for one month, or sometimes end of line run outs and usually one one or a few of each are available. We’ll let you know by email if we sell out before you get yours.

    Specials are uploaded to our Face book page.

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