Callicoma kelpies are not bred specifically to work. If you want a dog that will work hard, all day, every day, you should look to a kennel that breeds working type kelpies. However Callicoma kelpies are handy dogs to have around the farm, such as on a small holding or hobby farm. A number are also successfully competing in sheep trials and have gained titles. They are listed below.

Callicoma Orion worked on a cattle farm for 6 years before returning to us as a stud dog, and Callicoma Mackenzie worked on a sheep and cattle farm in SA before she was tragically killed in an accident whilst working. She was their best working dog. Callicoma Wild Ginger works goats and cattle in Qld.

Callicoma kelpies with their HSAs and HSBs titles:


Neut Ch Callicoma Winning Trick CD RA ET HNAs HSBs


Callicoma Quickstep CCD ADX JDX SD GD HSAs

Callicoma Kelpies with their PT titles:


Ch Callicoma Merlot ET PT


Callicoma Verdelho AD JDX PT ET

Callicoma Kelpies with their HT titles:

And with their Herding Instinct certificate: 


Ch Callicoma Maher


Callicoma Red Sunset CDX ET


Ch Callicoma Pinot Noir


Ch Callicoma Dancer ET AD JDX SPD


Callicoma Cobber ET AFDCh AD JDX GD SD SPD

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