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  • hydrocortisone spray

    Hydrocortisone Spray

    Perfect to settle itchiness or hot spots. 118ml – $18.00

  • Preventic


    Collar for the control of ticks, including paralysis ticks for up to 2 months – $14.50 

  • kiltix


    Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs is used to control brown dog ticks, bush ticks and fleas for up to 5 months and aid in the control of paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. $20.95

  • Advantix


    Spot on product for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sandflies and lice. 6 pack.

    $61.10 – $71.00

  • Frontline Plus

    Frontline Plus

    Monthly spot-on used to kill fleas and ticks. 6 pack.

    $66.90 – $75.75

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