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Who will you be trusting to look after your next kelpie for the first 8 weeks of his / her life?

I am not really in to promoting myself, but some people have commented that there are no photos of me on my web site, and even after numerous e-mails to me they do not really know who I am or what I look like, so here goes:

I have always loved animals and have always been surrounded by them, which meant that when I left school I decided to study biology at university.

I have an Honours degree in science, majoring in Zoology. I feel that gave me a basis to help understand how dogs work – including their behaviour, their anatomy and their physiology, and dietary needs. I use science to help me breed and raise stable, healthy puppies.

I have been training and trialling dogs in obedience, agility and showing since 1990 and have a Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training/Companion Animal Services – the only Nationally accredited dog training course in Australia.

My own dogs have gained 110 titles in showing, agility, obedience, agility, tracking, endurance, herding and dances with dogs. Dogs I have bred have gained that number many times over.

My Dogs NSW /ANKC Membership number is 2000742290, and my NSW Dept of Local Govt Breeder Identification Number is B000615071.

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I am a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia inc. and continue to update my dog training knowledge constantly by attending conferences and seminars around Australia.
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I am also a member of the Royal NSW Canine Council, the Australian Kelpie Club of NSW, The Canine Control Council of Qld, Clarence Dog Sports and of the Agility Dog Association of Australia.

I currently breed three or four litters of kelpies a year with my husband Bill, under the prefix Callicoma (which is the name of the Black Wattle tree). We pride ourselves on breeding kelpies with excellent temperaments and ability – whether that be as performance dogs in agility, obedience, tracking or herding, as show dogs, or as wonderful pets – they excel in all these things.

I also operate Callicoma Pet Supplies from home, which allows me to spend more time with the dogs.

I teach weekly lessons at Clarence Dog Sports, and private lessons by appointment. I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training. I train assistance dogs for mindDog Australia and assess dogs for Story Dogs.

I am also a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and a Fitpaws Master Trainer. I have a great interest in canine fitness, and all puppies are given basic balance, flexibility and body awareness work.

I am also an authorised microchipper for NSW Dept of Local Government and authorised DNA collector for Orivet Genetic Pet Care.

Dogzonline Best Breeder Certificate

Callicoma was awarded the 2017 and 2018 Dogzonline Best Breeder of Australian Kelpies – nationally! We were also the 2018 winner of the Best Breeder of any working dog breed – nationally!!

I also publish Kelpie Quarterly online magazine, in conjunction with another kelpie loving friend – Guy Hull. This is a venture we started mid 2021 and are thoroughly enjoying. We bring together news, stories and photos of kelpies from all round the world. It contains historic information, health information, stories on how versatile kelpies really are, results from kelpies in all disciplines and lots of lovely photos. You can get it online at www.kelpiequarterly.com 

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