I keep in regular contact with most people who have Callicoma kelpies. I love hearing stories of how they are going and also receiving photos.

In February 2013 we had a Callicoma Get Together, and 32 people and 24 Callicoma Kelpies stayed a weekend at a dog friendly resort – Camp Tailwaggers. There are many photos of the fantastic weekend if you click  here.

And we did is again in March 2015 – again over 30 people and more than 25 kelpies – we did training, played, learned about tracking, about canine conditioning and went to Australian Outback Spectacular and even got a behind the scenes tour and met up with the two Callicoma Kelpies that work there – see pics of our 2015 Get Together here.

Below are links to photos of some Callicoma kelpies, taken by their loving owners:

You can click on any name below to see what pictures they have sent me. When using these photo galleries, photos are best displayed by clicking on them to expand the larger image and then you can scroll through the whole image library for that dog.

Litters are listed more recent through to oldest.

"The Sweet" songs litter

Grand Ch Mountainmist Mandingo HT x Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty – 25/5/2010

The Chocolates litter

Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET x Callicoma Jive – 11/3/10
  • Callicoma Whispa - "River"
  • Callicoma Truffle - "Wizz"
  • Callicoma Kit Kat - "Kit"
  • Callicoma Caramello - "Brandy"
  • Callicoma Freckle - "Milo" (the second)
  • Callicoma Red Tulip - "Tilly"

The Lollies Litter

Ch Callicoma Orion ET x Ballare Katya – 14/5/09
  • Callicoma Fudge - "Jess" (the second)
  • Callicoma Choc Eclair ET - "Megs"
  • Callicoma Bullet - "Billy" (the fourth)
  • Callicoma Smartie - "Smartie"
  • Callicoma Fairy Floss - "Floss"
  • Callicoma Cobber ET AFDCh AD JDX GD SPD - "Willow"

The Cards Litter

Ch Callicoma Maher x Ch Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RE ADX JDX GD SD SPDX ET HT DWDF.S – 19/10/08
  • Callicoma The Joker - "Jude"
  • Callicoma Queen Of Hearts - "Enid"
  • Ch Callicoma Tarot Cards AD JDX SPD - "Tassie"
  • Callicoma Patience - "Chilli"
  • Neut Ch Callicoma Winning Trick CD RA ET PT HNAs HSBs '"Trick"
  • Callicoma Red Tulip - "Tilly"
  • Ch Callicoma Trump Card ET
  • T Ch Neut Ch Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX SD SPDX GD ET

The Universe Litter

Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET x Callicoma Jive – 5/7/08
  • Callicoma Speed Of Light JDM ADX ADO JDO GDX SDX SPDX FM - "Zawadi"
  • Callicoma Starburst - "Poppee"
  • Callicoma Solar Wave - "Choc"
  • Callicoma Big Bang - "Buddy"
  • Callicoma Milky Way - "Bear"
  • Callicoma Blazar - "Buddy" (the second)
  • Callicoma Quasar - "Ozzie"

The Proteas Litter

Ch Tegoura King Othmountn x Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty – 21/5/08
  • Callicoma Scarlet Ribbon - "Scarlet"
  • NJK NK Int. Ch. Callicoma Katies Blush - "Katie"
  • Callicoma Frosted Fire - "Flame"
  • Callicoma Safari Sunset - "Saffy"
  • Callicoma King Red - "Sid"
  • Callicoma Red Devil - "Rex"

The Desert Litter

Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET x Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty – 20/09/07
  • Callicoma Sahara - "Kellie"
  • Callicoma Tanami - "Tanner"
  • Callicoma Kelso Dune - "Ruby" (the third)
  • Callicoma Khamsin - "Jimmy"
  • Callicoma Red Cactus - "Pepper"
  • Callicoma Mikiri - "Wags"

The Friday 13th (Black Friday) Litter

Ch Callicoma Ricoh x Ch Callicoma Linne ET – 13/04/07
  • Callicoma Mystic Girl - "Ruby (the second)"
  • Callicoma Sixth Sense - "Robbie"
  • Callicoma New Moon - "Matilda"
  • Callicoma Loki - "Loki"
  • Callicoma Voodoo JD RN CCD SPD - "Voodoo"
  • Callicoma Enchanted - "Billie (the third)"

The Minerals Litter

Ch Callicoma Blacksmith ET HT x Ch Callicoma Cosmic – 27/06/06
  • Callicoma Sapphire - "Jasper"
  • Callicoma Onyx FCh - "Onyx"
  • Callicoma Black Spar - "Jack" (the second)

The Dance Litter

Ch Callicoma Blacksmith ET HT x Ch Callicoma Cosmic – 16/11/05
  • Callicoma Quickstep CCD ADX JDX HSAs - "Quix"
  • Callicoma Tango - "Skip"
  • Callicoma Jive - "Jive"

The Grevillea Litter

Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT – 24/8/05
  • Callicoma Firebird - "Max"
  • Callicoma Bronze Rambler - "Jack"
  • Callicoma Jolly Swagman - "Jake"
  • Callicoma Lunar Light - "Shine"
  • Callicoma Red Sunset CDX ET - "Tigger"
  • Callicoma Wakiti Gem - "Chloe"
  • Ch Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RE ADX JDX SD SPDX GD ET HT DWDF.S
  • Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty

The Reindeer litter

Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT – 25/12/04
  • Callicoma Dancer AD JDX GD SPD ET - "Starr"
  • German (VDH) Champion Callicoma Blitzen - "Flash"
  • Callicoma Comet - "Rocket"
  • Callicoma Dasher - "Rocco"

The Whitsunday Island Litter

Ch Bushechoes Fox Whisky x Ch Spectre Blacklock – 5/7/04
  • Ch Callicoma Maher - "Tacker"
  • Callicoma Deloraine HT JD - "Del"