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  • complete mix

    Complete Mix

    A dried mix of cereal grains, vegetables and fruit, garlic, wheat grass, calcium, yeast, kelp, lecithin and vitamin C powder. You rehydrate and add raw meat.

    Available in 3 sizes and 5 formulas $16.00 – $218 

  • Health Booster

    Health Booster

    A nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. Available in 3 pack sizes – $39.90 – $68.45

  • joint support

    Joint Support

    Provides nutritional support for damaged joint surfaces, tendons, and ligaments, strengthens boney tissues, and provides natural pain relief.

    Available in 3 pack sizes – $59 – $279

  • Skin and coat formula

    Skin & Coat Formula

    For dogs and cats – healthy skin, immune system and digestion.

    Available in 3 pack sizes – $47.90 – $84.20

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    Often we have specials being offered by the wholesalers that we can pass on to you, which usually only last for one month, or sometimes end of line run outs and usually one one or a few of each are available. We’ll let you know by email if we sell out before you get yours.

    Specials are uploaded to our Face book page.

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