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  • Deshedder

    Showmaster Deshedder

    The Showmaster Deshedder removes dead and loose hair so it doesn’t end up on your floor and improves the condition of your pet’s coat – $18.00

  • Gripsoft Double Sided Brush

    Double Sided Brush

    Useful for daily brushing. Tease out snarls and tangles with the Pin Brush and use the bristle side to bring out the shine of the coat – $16.00

  • Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers

    Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers

    Plier type – available in two sizes – $15 – $17.00

  • nail file

    Millers Forge Nail File

    for dogs who do not like their nails clipped – many will accept a nail file – $12.50

  • Pet Relax Spray

    Pet Relax Spray 200ml – $34 each

  • Tick Lasso

    Lasso Tick Remover

    A unique lasso device which enables the quick and easy removal of ticks without stimulating the tick to release more toxins – $12

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    Often we have specials being offered by the wholesalers that we can pass on to you, which usually only last for one month, or sometimes end of line run outs and usually one one or a few of each are available. We’ll let you know by email if we sell out before you get yours.

    Specials are uploaded to our Face book page.

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