Kelpies are relatively easy dogs to train; they are naturally obedient as they have been bred for many, many generations to follow commands (when working). As I am interested in competing with my dogs in a variety of dog sports I have selected for dogs that have been easy to train, and dogs which are highly motivated.

You can find out more about the kelpies I have bred that compete in obedience below.

My foundation bitch – Aus Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CD (who is long gone now) was a dream to train. She successfully completed her CD (Companion Dog) title in three straight trials and gained two passes towards her CDX before she retired. That was got me hooked on training my dogs for dog sports.


Kelpies do not work well if forced to do things, I recommend you train them with positive reinforcement and find an obedience club, or private trainer, who trains using positive methods only. I often use a clicker to train my dogs – a search on the Internet will give you lots of information on clicker training. My puppies start their obedience training early – they learn to come back when called, and to walk nicely on a lead before they are 8 weeks old, ie your Callicoma kelpie will have already learned these things before you get him or her.

I then take puppies I am keeping (and other Callicoma puppies if they are still here after 8 weeks old) to puppy preschool at 8 weeks and to obedience classes at 14 weeks old. Even if I do not trial a dog in obedience, they are all obedience trained to a level that makes them nice dogs to live with.

If you want to train your Callicoma puppy in obedience then let me know and I will help you find a trainer or a club to help you. 


Callicoma Red Sunset CDX

Callicoma Quickstep CCD ADX JDX SD GD HSAs

Neut Ch Callicoma Winning Trick CD RA ET HNAs HSBs PT

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