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  • Bravecto


    A chew that controls fleas for 3 months and ticks for 4 months. Sold as a single chew – $51.90 – $54.45

  • Allwormer

    Value Plus Canine Allwormer

    An allwormer that treats all intestinal worms. 1 tablet treats 10kg.

    $1.75 – $2.20

  • Valuheart


    Monthly tablet to prevent heartworm – $18 – 20

  • Fidos

    Fido’s Fre Itch

    Pyrethrin based flea, tick, lice, mite rinse or spray on.

    Available in 3 sizes  – $29.90 – $269

  • Nexgard


    Beef flavoured monthly chew to prevent ticks and fleas.

    6 pack – $76.65 – $91.65

  • Nexgard Spectra

    Nexgard Spectra

    Beef flavoured monthly chew to prevent ticks, fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms, mange and ear mites.

    6 pack – $80.60 – $108.00

  • sentinel spectrum

    Sentinel Spectrum

    Monthly chew to prevent fleas, worms and heartworm.

    6 pack – $81.90 – $102.70

  • Tick Lasso

    Lasso Tick Remover

    A unique lasso device which enables the quick and easy removal of ticks without stimulating the tick to release more toxins – $12

  • ComfortisPlus

    Comfortis Plus

    Chewable, beef flavoured tablet. Kills fleas, ticks and heartworm for one month.

    6 pack – $89.40 – $117.60

  • Advantage


    Spot on Flea Treatment, 6 pack – $55.50 – $68.70

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    Often we have specials being offered by the wholesalers that we can pass on to you, which usually only last for one month, or sometimes end of line run outs and usually one one or a few of each are available. We’ll let you know by email if we sell out before you get yours.

    Specials are uploaded to our Face book page.

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