Kelpies are very active, medium sized, intelligent, loyal Australian working dogs. I would not have any other breed and recommend them to someone with time to spend exercising and training their dog. You will have a loyal companion in return.

I do not recommend kelpies for someone who does not have time to spend with their dog, or for someone that will not treat their dog kindly. Kelpies respond to kindness, and will willingly work (whether stock work, obedience, tracking or agility) for someone who rewards their efforts.

Kelpies are loyal dogs to the point of being jealous. Occasionally fights or squabbles break out at my home due to jealousy of another dog being near me. Awareness of this problem will help manage it.

My kelpies do not receive huge amounts of exercise or stimulation – I am sure they would benefit from more, but they are kept happy with the following exercise and outings:

  • they run together all day in my back yard (40m x 30m) – occasionally some are separated from the others (bitches in season, puppies etc, in which case they may get more individual exercise such as bike rides)
  • they get about 15 minutes per day free running and swimming (supervised) in the paddocks – whilst I am feeding my horses
  • they get obedience trained for 10 – 15 minutes a couple of times a week
  • they each get taken out to show training, puppy preschool or obedience class once per week
  • they get taken out running beside my bike for 15 – 30 mins, about once a week, once they are 9 months old ( I use a “WalkyDog” on my bike to keep them safe)

I don’t think this is a huge amount of exercise to have to give a dog, but they will surely become problem dogs if kept in a suburban backyard without exercise. I believe that the mental stimulation of being taken out, or given obedience training contributes to their exercise and tires them out just as physical work does.

dogs swimming
Many people ask me what a fawn kelpie looks like – here is a picture of one – Callicoma Wakiti Gem and here’s two blues as some people get the blues and the fawns mixed up:
Vespa and Pippin
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