Breeding & Whelping Items

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  • Puppy ID bands

    Puppy ID Bands

    Soft velcro collars available in 4 lengths – $17.00 – $26.00

  • ric rac collars

    Ric Rac ID Bands

    ric rac in assorted colours. Sold in 1m lengths – you cut to size and tie on.

    6 colours – $5.00 or 12 colours – $9.00

  • Follow on collars

    Follow On Collars

    12 pack of collars in matching colours to the Puppy id Bands, available in two lengths – $36.00 – $40.00

  • puppy collars

    Puppy Collars

    10mm wide, adjusts 22 – 35cm. Available in 10 colours. Can be purchased individually – $5.50 each

  • Puppy Saucer

    Puppy Saucer

    Stainless Steel Puppy Saucers with raised centre.

    Available in 2 sizes – $15.75 – $29.00

  • glass syringes

    Glass Syringes

    For attaching to teat to deliver formula (much better control than using a bottle!) – $17.20

  • Wombaroo F teat


    Latex teats suitable for any bottle or syringe with an 18mm – 24mm neck. Available in 2 sizes – $2.50 

  • pron8ure

    ProN8ure (formerly Protexin)

    Multi strain probiotic powder.
    $10 – $88 depending on pack size.

  • vitamin c

    Vitamin C Powder

    Ascorbic Acid powder – 1 teaspoon = 4000mg
    $8 – $34 depending on pack size

  • stitch cutter

    Stitch Cutter

    Sterile carbon steel stitch cutter – $1.00

  • snugglesafe heat pad

    Snugglesafe Microwaveable Heat Pad

    Snugglesafe Microwaveable Heat Pad – with plush cover – $54.50

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    Often we have specials being offered by the wholesalers that we can pass on to you, which usually only last for one month, or sometimes end of line run outs and usually one one or a few of each are available. We’ll let you know by email if we sell out before you get yours.

    Specials are uploaded to our Face book page.

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