30 scented Q tips (cotton buds) in amber glass jar (to avoid UV degradation), with black plastic screw on lid (with wad and Caska seal to make air tight).

Labelled “Birch”,  “Anise”, “Cypress” or “Clove”. 31cm high, 44cm diameter.

Q tips are paper stems with 100% cotton tips, trimmed to approx. 2cm long.

Odour is added by absorption method exactly to ANKC regulations. Oils are 100% pure and are the correct scientific species. Each batch will be made fresh when ordered to give longest shelf life.

Price – $6.00 each or set of 4 labelled – $20.00

Also available – sheet of 12 stickers “Birch”,  “Anise”, “Cypress” or “Clove” to allow you to label bags, containers, tweezers etc that are used for each scent – $1.50

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