These kits contain all you need to get started with any odour. One odour per kit.

Inside an airtight box you will find – 30 scented Q-tips in a labelled amber glass jar, a labelled smell-proof mylar bag for used tips, a round 10ml screw top tin with a magnet, a rectangular sliding top tin with a magnet, a lip balm tube, a centrifuge tube, 3 paper tubes and 2 x 5cm electric shrink tube. Also included is a pair of plastic tweezers, a pair of nitrile gloves, and some blu tac.

Price – $35. You choose which odour.


You may also like…

  • tweezers

    Plastic Tweezers

    Plastic tweezers for scentwork – $1 each

  • Birch Odour

    Scented Q tips

    Scented Q tips (for Scent Work) – $6.00 each  or set of 4 labelled – $20.00

  • Round 10ml tin

    Round 10ml tins with holes – $2.50 to $4.00 

  • centrifuge tube

    Centrifuge Tubes

    Centrifuge tube (for Scent Work) – 50c each or $1.50 with magnet

  • Scentwork oils

    Essential Oils for Scent Work

    Essential Oils (for Scent Work) – Birch, Anise, Cypress or Clove – $12.00 for 5ml or set of 4 for $40

  • Lip Balm tubes

    Lip Balm Tubes (for Scent Work) – $1.50 for black or  $2.00 for camo

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