29th November

Vixen had 6 babies – 3 boys and 3 girls. 3 are black and 3 are chocolate!

Vixen 2020 babies

29th September

Wow, in the last month Tomy (Callicoma Red Hot Tamale) in Canada finished off his Open obedience title, qualified in 6 out of 7 agility runs and qualified in all three searches for his first scentwork title in Started Detection, with special honours!


19th September

Today Nina and Gay competed in their first ever Noseworks NW1 trial. They completed 4 elements – Vehicles (3 vehicles) – 2nd place, Interiors – 3rd place, Exteriors and Container Searches – 2nd place. She passed all elements and gained her title, as well as winning the overall Best Partnership Award!!


4th July

Spice had two baby boys (by emergency C-section on a Saturday night!!). All are well.


16th June

Today we met up with Vixen’s son Woopi and went for a beach walk. I took Vixen and brother Chevy.


16th February

I took Vixen and Spice to Brisbane to compete in the new dog sport of Tricks. we entered 3 trials. Spice passed all 3 and got her TK.S title, Vixen passed 2 and we now have to enter another.


25th January

Alice had her babies – 7 lovely chocolate balls of fun!

Alice babies

15th January

For the third year in a row we won Dogzonline Advance Australian Kelpie Breeder of the Year!!!

Breeders Certificate
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