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22nd May

Spice has had babies – 7 girls! 1 is black, all the rest are red or chocolate. All are doing well.

Spice babies

15 April

Bliss got her AD title, making her Callicoma Sheer Bliss AD JD GD

Bliss April 19

22nd March

Spice has been mated to the lovely Qdos Zack. Now the waiting begins …….

19 January

Nina won the 2018 Heelwork to Music Dog Of the Year in the DWD Club of Qld. This is the second time she has won this – she also won it in 2016.


15 January

We have received two fantastic awards – The Dogzonline 2018 Advance Breeder of the year for kelpies, and amazingly – the Dogzonline 2018 Advance Breeder of the Year for working dogs. We also came 4th across all breeds of dog nationally. That means we were the best breeder of kelpies nationally, the best breeder of any working dog breed nationally and the 4th best breeder of all breeds nationally. This is a pointscore, and any time any dog bred by Callicoma gains any title, or has any show wins, they contribute to the award. 23 Callicomas contributed in 2018, across many disciplines – Showing, Obedience, Agility, Rally O, Herding, Dances With Dogs and Endurance. Thanks to everyone that put in all the work to train and compete with your Callicomas.

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