2nd December

Pine Rivers Dog Training Club (in Brisbane) Annual Awards night for 2018 was very much a Callicoma affair ๐Ÿ™‚ T.Ch Callicoma Rose Robin CCD CD RA TSD got 3 title awards – CD, RN, RA and won Best Obedience dog of the year and Best Rally O dog of the year! Neut Ch Callicoma River Runs Red AAC ADX ADO2 JDM JDO4 SDX SPDX GDX RN FS.S HT was awarded 6 titles – RN, FS.S, ADO2, JDO3, SDX, SPDX, and Neut Ch Callicoma Morning Delight RE CD FS.S HTM.Iย  was awarded her HTM.I title, and Neut Ch HTM Ch Callicoma Black Tango UD RM RAE FS.A was awarded her HTM Championship

26th October

Nancy had 5 girls, from a frozen semen artificial insemination using semen from Vickulas Willy Wonka in Sweden.

Nancy Babies

19th August

Today Trick trialled in herding and gained her HSBs title!


18th August

Bliss trialled in Newcastle and gained her JD title (at 22 months old) and Scoop trialed in Brisbane and gained her ADX title. Loco also trialled in Brisbane and got some qualis, including her first one in JDM, and Ruby was also at that trial and got an ADO quali. Callicoma was called out at presentation a lot that trial ๐Ÿ™‚


12th August

Siren became an Australian Champion, that is three girls from that litter with their championship title ๐Ÿ™‚ And Chilli (from the same litter) gained her Heelwork to Music Novice title.


4th August

A busy weekend for Callicomas around the world! Corgi and Kelpie show of Czech Republic – 42 kelpies entered! Thorin (6 months old) won best puppy in show and Scarlet (daughter of Callicoma Maher) won Best of Breed. And in Brisbane Groovy (6 months old) got her first points at a show. In Canada Tomy (almost 2 years old) went to his first show and won 4th Best in Group, and in Lismore Scoop trialled in agility and won most successful dog in the trial! And Loco got her JDO title.


1st July

At the Qld state agility titles Scoop won ADX 400 and placed 3rd in JDM 400. Loco made the finals for AD500 and JDO, but no places for her in the finals ๐Ÿ™


14th July

Button became Callicoma’s first ever Supreme Champion – winning two best in groups this weekend!


13th July

Scoop won two first places (with 90 and 96 points!) in Rally Excellent, giving her her RE title ๐Ÿ™‚

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