21st September

Busy weekend at Coffs Harbour trial. Capella got her Rally Advanced (RA) title, Ruby got her Rally Excellent (RE) title and Whist got her Novice Jumping (JD) title.


7th August

Liquorice managed to smash in to a fence post at full speed. He now has a pin, plate, 6 screws and a bone graft. We have every finger and toe crossed that he will be able to walk properly after it is mended.


29th July

Tyler (and Debby in Qld) got her TD title!


July 6/7

Capella got 2 passes in Rally Advanced (and 2 x 1st places!) and Ruby got 2 passes in Rally Excellent (2nd and 7th placings) – so proud of my girls! Tango (and Gay – in Qld) had a huge weekend – her first trial in Rally Excellent and got a pass and a 2nd place as well as a quali in Dances With Dogs Freestyle Novice and in Heelwork to Music Novice the next day.


29th June

Trumps had 7 babies (to Harry) – 5 girls and 2 boys!

Trumps babies

June 22/23

Willow got her AD title, Tango got her RA, Zawadi got her JDX, GD, SD and SPD titles, Whist got her GD and Ruby got her SPDX – what a big weekend of trialling for Callicomas in 3 different states!


April 27/28

Midnight and Whist gained their neutered championship title. Tango got her first pass in CCD – with a score of 99/100! And Capella won a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd place in the super veterans class (for 10 years and older) from 3 shows!


March 30

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013 and Zawadi’s flyball team came first, she won excellent jumping and came 7th in novice gamblers!! Here she is with her haul of prizes 🙂


March 17

Tango got her Dances With Dogs Freestyle title with a 1st place and a score of 172 (out of a possible 180)

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