Callicoma Whist

T. Ch Neut Ch Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX SD SPDX GD ET

Whist got her TD title (Tracking Dog) in tracking at 17 months old and was graded excellent in all three tracks. Another 4 trials saw her with her TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and the next week she competed for her Tracking Champion, which she passed as well.

She also has her RN title (Rally ObedienceNovice), her Endurance Test and her Herding Instinct Certificate and her AD (Agility Dog), her JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent), SD (Snooker Dog), SPDX (Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent) and her GD (Gamblers Dog) title in agility.

She is now a Neutered Champion in the show ring 🙂

Sadly Whist passed a few months short of her 14th birthday.

Pedigree of T Ch Neut Ch Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX GD SD SPDX ET

 Ch Callicoma Maher Ch Bushechoes Fox Whisky Glendalock Dark Raider Glendalock Fox Whisky Ch Glendalock Fox Line
 Glendalock My Treasure
 Ch Glendalock Cleopatra Glendalock Teakwood
 Glendalock Lunar Queen
 Glendalock Gold Finger Ch Glendalock King Midas Glendalock Clear Adios
 Glendalock Foxy Lady
 Gledalock Cherry Liquer Glendalock Fox Line
 Glendalock My Treasure
 Ch Spectre Blacklock CH Spectre The Barb Svetlana Pancho CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 Spectre Gypsy Miss
 CH Spectre Lookat Me CH Butterbone Keepit Dark
 CH Spectre Rhythm Girl
 Ch Spectre Switch In Time Ch Spectre Rhythm Kingdom Ch Spectre Galliant Snip
 Spectre Sarina
 Ch Spectre Stepping Out Ch Butternone Rhythm Lad
 Kurranulla choco
Ch Callicoma Ruby Red 
Ch Oatland Chieftan ETOatland Hawkeye Ch Oatland Redskin CH Oatland Rockateer
 CH Oatland Nightcap
 CH Oatland ShowgirlCH Oatland Jackaroo
Spectre Justtoogood
CH Oatland Blue Jean CH Butterbone Keepit DarkCH Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
 CH Morkerbook SunloverCH Bookarilli Basil CD
CH Kejeroo Boronia
Ch Callicoma Leica ET HTCH Spectre The Barb Svetlana PanchoCH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Spectre Gypsy Miss
 CH Spectre Lookat MeCH Butterbone Keepit Dark
CH Spectre Rhythm Girl
CH Oatland Pipistrelle CD CH Oatland RockateerCH Spectre Rocket Jason
CH Oatland Showgirl
 CH Oatland Blue JeanCH Butterbone Keepit Dark
CH Morkerbook Sunlover
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