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Ch Spectre Blacklock

  • Black bitch

  • 4 Sept 1999 -1 Nov 2012

  • Ch Spectre The Barb x Ch Spectre Switch In Time



Wattle came from Spectre kelpies – she was a daughter of a dog I loved.  

She won “best coated” and “best black” at the NSW kelpie club speciality show in 2001 and 2002.

As an older dog Wattle started having heart problems and at age 13 had congestive heart failure 🙁

Mother of the Grape Varieties litter (4/6/2002)

  • Aus. Ch. Callicoma Merlot ET PT
  • Aus. Ch. Callicoma Pinot Noir
  • Callicoma Shiraz
  • Callicoma Tokay
  • Callicoma Touriga
  • Callicoma Verdelho AD PT ET JDX


And the Stars and Constellations litter (24/1/2003)

And the Whitsunday Islands litter (5/7/2004)

Pedigree of Ch. Spectre Blacklock:

CH Spectre The BarbSvetlana PanchoCH Butterbone Rhythm LadButterbone Drum MajorCH Pavesi Dale
Butterbone Minette
CH Butterbone HarmonyCH Meson Brandy
CH Butterbone Sweet Song
Spectre Gypsy MissKurranulla DarkyCH Noondoo Red Flash
Glenine Kurranulla Scamp
Glendalock RosewoodCH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Glendalock Amberwood
CH Spectre Lookat MeCH Butterbone Keepit DarkCH Glendorvic ShepKurranulla Darky
CH Happy Valley Trixie
Butterbone Cleo LaneCH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Butterbone Peggy Lee
CH Spectre Rhythm GirlCH Butterbone Rhythm LadButterbone Drum Major
CH Butterbone Harmony
CH Kurranulla ChocoCH Noondoo Red Flash
Glenine Kurranulla Scamp
 Ch Spectre Switch In Time Ch Spectre Rhythm Kingdom Ch Spectre Galiant Snip Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark Glendorvic Shep
 Butterbone Cleo Lane
 Tegoura Zip Ch Murbun Musketeer
 Bronzwood Misty
 Spectre Sarina Taurus Ali Ch Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 Kurranulla Opal
 Spectre Champayne Kate Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark
 Spectre Stardust
 Ch Spectre Stepping Out Ch Butterbone Rhythm Lad Ch Butterbone Drum Major Ch Pavesi Dale
 Ch Butterbone Minette
 Ch Butterbone Harmony Ch Meson Brandy
 Ch Butterbone Sweet Song
 Ch Kurranulla Choco Ch Noondoo Red Flash Ch Weerona Jason
 Ch Bevanville Bonnie
 Glenine Kuranula Scamp Noongah Black Devil
 Callawatta Kyeema







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