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Callicoma Vixen

Ch Callicoma Vixen CCD RE TK.N SWN

Vixen has been the most amazing dog to train, right from puppy school, through her obedience and agility – I love working with her. She started trialling in Rally O at age 16 months and got her first 2 passes and then her next trial at 19 months and got her final pass for her Rally Novice (RN) title (scoring 96/100). In 2019 we went to one weekend of three trials and she got her Rally Advanced (RA) title with scores of 95, 96 and 92!

At age 17 months she gained her Australian Championship title winning a runner up to best in group. She also has her Community Companion Dog, Tricks Novice Title and her Scentwork Novice title. Vixen trialled in scent work only 7 weeks after starting training and got 4 passes from 4!

Vixen has had her hips (5:6) and her elbows (0:0) x-rayed and scored.

In June 19 she had her heart checked by a cardiac specialist – all clear and in Oct 19 had her eyes checked by an opthalmologist all clear.

In 2022 Vixen was Grafton Dog Obedience Club’s Rally Dog Of The Year and Obedience Dog of the Year. She was also Clarence Dog Sport’s Rally Dog Of The Year. In 2023 she was Grafton Dog Obedience Club’s Scentwork Dog of The Year.

Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Vixen CCD RN TK.S SWN:

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