Tuggy Toys

Braided polar fleece.

There is a handle at one end (to give you half a chance of hanging on to it) and a tassle at the other end to excite your dog.

My dogs love these so much that you must forgive any dog slobber that comes on your tuggy toy as sometimes I have to fight them away from these when I am making them.

Approx 70cm long and 5cm wide.

Price - $7.00



 Also available with a dog clip on the end so you use as a lead.

When is a lead a toy? When is a toy a lead?

Great for rewarding your dog in agility - let them tug on the lead without destroying your normal leads, or leave at the finish line for a quick reward when you finish running.

Leads are approx 70cm long. They are made from braided polar fleece, and include a handle.

Price - $7.50


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