• Blue bitch
  • 23 Nov 2000 – 11/11/11

  • Ch Callicoma Ricoh x  Ch Oatland Vespadelus

First qualification (and first place in novice jumpers) at the age of 18 months and two weeks, ie 2 weeks after she was old enough to trial. Tempo was been a joy to trial, and has her ADM (Agility Dog Masters), JDM (Jumping Dog Masters), ET (Endurance), PT (Pre Trial Test in sheep herding), JDO (Jumping Dog Open), ADO (Agility Dog Open), GDX (Gamblers Dog Excellent), SPDX (Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent), SD (Snooker Dog) and AAD (Australian Agility Dog) titles. She is a natural at her sheep work.

Tempo was winner of Novice Agility at the 2004 National Agility titles (and placed 1st, 1st and 2nd at the three lead up heats). She also won Masters Jumping at the Qld State Agility titles in June 2004 (and came second in open). She got her 7 masters jumpers passes in 7 straight trials over a period of three weeks and they included five first places, and one second place.

Tempo has been officially temperament tested by accredited Dogs NSW and NSW Dept of Local Govt temperament testers.

Tempo won the Grafton Dog Obedience Club Agility trialler of the year award in 2006 and 2007

See Tempo doing an agility demonstration at age 10. Unfortunately when she was in her prime and very fast we did not own a video camera:

Pedigree of Callicoma The Tempest ADM ADO JDM JDO SD GDX SPDX ET PT AAD:

Ch Callicoma RicohCh Spectre The BarbSvetlana PanchoCh Butterbone Rhythm LadCh Butterbone Drum Major
Ch Butterbone Harmony
Spectre Gypsy MissKurranulla Darky
Glendalock Rosewood
Ch Spectre LookatmeCh Butterbone Keepit DarkCh Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
Ch Spectre Rhythm GirlCh Butterbone hythm Lad
Ch Kurranulla Choco
Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CDCh Oatland RockateerCh Spectre Rocket JasonCh Spectre The Barb
Ch Spectre Miss Ohara
Ch Oatland ShowgirlCh Oatland Jackaroo
Spectre Justtoogood
Ch Oatland Blue JeanCh Butterbone Keepit DarkCh Glendorivic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
Ch Morkerbook SunloverCH Bookarilli Basil CD
CH Kejeroo Boronia
Ch Oatland VespadelusCh Oatland RedskinCh Oatland RockateerCh Spectre Rocket Jason Ch Spectre The Barb
 Ch Spectre Miss Ohara
Ch Oatland Showgirl Ch Oatland Jackaroo
Spectre Justtoogood
Ch Oatland NightcapCh Butterbone Keepit Dark Ch Glendorvic Shep
 Butterbone Cleo Lane
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover Ch Bookarilli Basil CD
 Ch Kejeroo Boronia
Ch Oatland Blue JeanCh Butterbone Keepit DarkCh Glendorvic Shep Kurranulla Darky
 Ch Happyvalley Trixie
Butterbone Cleo LaneCh Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Butterbone Peggy Lee
Ch Morkerbook SunloverCh Bookarilli Basil CDCh Jaguar Luckey Lad
Neganamo Sunbeam
Ch Kejeroo BoroniaCh Kairouban Korra
Ch Kairouban Kynuna
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