KORAD Vickulas Willy Wonka Chocolate dog D.O.B. – 16 July 2013 Outbacks Workaholics Halls Creek Vip x Vickulas Piraya I have frozen semen from Wille. Wille himself lives in Sweden. Hips: AElbows: 0/0Heart Clear (Oct16, May17)Eyes Clear (Mar18) Wille has completed the big mental test in Sweden scoring 439 of a maximum of 600 points – along with the show part of this test this has given him the title KORAD. I plan to use Wille over two bitches in the next few years. On the sand And in the snow! Wille competes in nosework 5 years old 5 years old 5 years old Pedigree of KORAD Vickulas Willy Wonka: Outback-Workaholics Halls Creek Vip FR Ch Amba De Royal Perigord Fr Ch Freedom Of Corindell NX Ch Tinaru The Breaker     Corindale Russ Yoyo     Fr Ch Zola Of Corindell Echo Of Corindell      Corindale Boofs Niquita     Ger Ch Lux Ch Callicoma Blitzen Ch Oatland Chieftan ET Oatland Hawkeye     Ch Oatland Blue Jean     Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT Ch Spectre The Barb     Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CD     SeUCh KORAD Vickulas Piraya KORAD Leagardens Brasse SeUch SeLCh SeBch KORAD TJH Billy SeLCh SeL(elit)Ch SeBCh KORAD Toccatas Apache     SeUch SV-91 SV-92 TJH Anja     SeUch KORAD Jejmics Lea S&INTUCh KORAD GK VALLH.PR SV-89 EVALLENS CHOCOLATE QUANTAS     SE UCh KORAD GK VALLH PR ALICE      FiUch KORAD LPII SeLCh S&NUCh SV Vickulas Kylie Foxforest Son Of The Beast Cefeus Up To Date Mix     FinUCh FinAgCh Karte Yardup Dds Kid     SeSPCh SeUCh IntUCh SeBCh SE Vickulas Ettra SE UCh Nord V-03 TJH korad LPI CADJEES CAPPUCINO     KORAD SUCH SBCH SLCH SVCH VICKULAS BIRKA    

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