Ch Tegoura King Oth Mountain ET – “Harry”  Chocolate dog 9 Oct 2005 – 11 Jun 2019 Nellarou Der Red Dog x Gr Ch Tegoura Future Direction Harry was hip and elbow x-rayed (hips 4:4 and elbows 0:0). In Sept 15 aged almost 10 he was certified eyes clear by an opthalmologist and heart clear by a cardiologist 🙂 He is a proven sire, with progeny winning in the ring all round the world – NK Int Ch Callicoma Katies Blush, Aus Ch Callicoma Clarence, Aus Int Ch Ballare Mugungalyi and Aus Int Ch Ballare Stukova (all four have been graded with A grade hips). At 16 months old Harry won 1st Junior Dog and Best Headed Dog at The Australian Kelpie Club of NSW Specialty 40th Anniversary show, as well as RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG SYDNEY ROYAL 2007 as a junior. After not being shown in All Breeds shows for 3 years I took Harry to a show in Sept 11, and he won Best In The Working Dog Group on the Saturday and Runner Up to Best In The Working Dog Group on the Sunday! Harry has also been officially temperament tested by accredited Dogs NSW and NSW Dept Local Govt testers and passed. He has his ET (Endurance Test) title. Here is the judge’s critique from 2011 kelpie show: (C. Hobday – Vic) Red approx 19 1/2″, good height length proportions, good head, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders. Level topline and strong hindquarters, moves well. 16 months old He is VERY playful – loves balls, squeaky toys, frisbees – you name it. 12 months old 2 years old 3 years old 4 years old now 4 years old 5 years old 5 years old Almost 6 years old and Harry wins 2nd in Open Dog at the Australian Kelpie Club of NSW Sept 11 show. 6 years old Father of the desert litter (20/9/07) Callicoma Sahara Callicoma Tanami Callicoma Kelso Dune Callicoma Khamsin Callicoma Red Cactus Callicoma Mikiri     And the Celtic litter (21/7/2010) Callicoma Ardra AD JDX GD Callicoma Bowen Callicoma Captan Callicoma Alana Callicoma Harkin Callicoma Cerys Callicoma Boudicca Callicoma Zinna  And the Bush litter (4/3/14) Callicoma Bush Rose  Callicoma Bush Secret  Callicoma Bushfire  Callicoma Bush Gem  Callicoma Bush Tucker Man Callicoma Bushranger  Callicoma The Bushie And the Proteas litter (21/5/08) Callicoma Safari Sunset Callicoma Frosted Fire Callicoma Red Devil Callicoma King Red Callicoma Scarlet Ribbon NK Ch. Int. Ch. NJK BJS ’09 CW ’09 BW ’09 BW ’10  Callicoma Katies Blush And the Birds litter (10/1/12) Callicoma Black KiteCallicoma Little EagleCallicoma SandpiperT Ch Callicoma Rose Robin TSD RNCallicoma FiretailCallicoma Forest RavenGer Ch Callicoma Blackbird  And the Biscuits litter (10/12/14) Callicoma Anzac Bikkie  Callicoma Tim Tam  Callicoma Gingernut Callicoma Tic Toc  Neut Ch Callicoma Morning Delight RE CD HTM.S FS.N Callicoma Ballerina Callicoma Brandy Snap Callicoma Amaretti And the Universe litter (5/7/08) Callicoma Big Bang Callicoma Starburst Callicoma Cosmic Force Callicoma Speed Of Light ADM JDM ADO JDO GDX SDX SPDX FM Callicoma Milky Way Callicoma […]

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