Bestseller Valttikortti Chocolate dog D.O.B. – 11 Apr 2015 C.I.E FI CH EE VCH EE CH LV CH LT CH SI CH BALT CH RU CH SI VCH LV VCH CY CH MK CH MD CH LT VCH ME CH BALT VCH AZ CH RKFW-11 LVW-11 BALTW-11 BALTW-13 SIW-19 ROYAL COCTAIL WINKU WONKU x BESTSELLER RIRRA NAM JIRRA I have frozen semen from Metku, I do not own Metku. Metku himself lives in Finland. Metku competes in many dog sports – Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience and Dog Shows. Hips: a / aElbows: 0/0Eyes: FREE by examination (July 2017)CEA: clear by DNACardiac Check: currently free of inherited heart disease (Aug 18)Spine: LTV normal, VA normalSize:  49 cm I plan to use Metku over two bitches in the next few years. Father of one litter in Finland. Pedigree of Bestseller Valttikortti:

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