Ch Callicoma Lyric Chocolate bitch 19 Nov 2003 – 1 April 2006 Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT Lyric lost her life in an accident at the very young age of two. She had been mated to Smithy, but sadly was killed before she ever had pups. I am not sure how I will ever get over the loss of Lyric. She had been hip and elbow x-rayed with excellent results – hips 1:3 and elbows 0:0. Lyric’s second show was the NSW Kelpie Club’s show in April 2004 – where she won best baby puppy in show, best headed baby and 2nd in best gaited baby. She was following in the foot steps of her full sister Ch Callicoma Cosmic, who also won this award two years previously. For some reason Lyric loved mud Best Baby in Show Best Headed Baby In Show – Kelpie Club 2002 Lyric got her HT (Herding Instinct Test) title at the same trial as her mother (at the age of 11 months!) 11 months old 16 months old A day at the beach – New Years Day 2006 Lyric had just started trialling in agility Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Lyric: Ch Oatland Chieftan ET Oatland Hawkeye Ch Oatland Redskin CH Oatland Rockateer  CH Spectre The Barb  CH Spectre Miss Ohara CH Oatland Nightcap  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Morkerbook Sunlover CH Oatland Showgirl  CH Oatland Jackaroo  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Morkerbook Sunlover  Spectre Justtoogood  Glendalock Columbo  Spectre Rhythm Girl CH Oatland Blue Jean CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Glendorvic Shep  Kurranulla Darky  CH Happyvalley Trixie Blue  Butterbone Cleo Lane  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad  CH Butterbone Peggy Lee CH Morkerbook Sunlover  CH Bookarilli Basil CD  CH Jaguar Luckey lad  Neganamo Sunbeam  CH Kejeroo Boronia  CH Kairoban Korra  CH Kairoban Kynuna Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT CH Spectre The Barb Svetlana Pancho  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad  Butterbone Drum Major  CH Butterbone Harmony  Spectre Gypsy Miss Kurranulla Darky Glendalock Rosewood CH Spectre Lookat Me  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark CH Glendorvic Shep Butterbone Cleo Lane  CH Spectre Rhythm Girl CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad CH Kurranulla Choco CH Oatland Pipistrelle CD CH Oatland Rockateer  CH Spectre Rocket Jason CH Spectre The Barb CH Spectre Miss O’Hara  CH Oatland Showgirl CH Oatland Jackaroo Spectre Justtoogood CH Oatland Blue Jean  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark CH Glendorvic Shep Butterbone Cleo Lane  CH Morkerbook Sunlover CH Bookarilli Basil CD CH Kejeroo Boronia