Ch Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RE ADX JDX SD SPDX GD ET HT DWDF.S Chocolate bitch D.O.B. – 24 Aug 2005 Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT Ruby is a wonderful dog to train, she has trialled in many dogs sports. She has her CCD in obedience (and a 2nd and 3rd place at her first weekend of trialling) and her RE (Rally Excellent) in Rally Obedience. She is also an Australian Champion in the show ring and has won many, many classes in group. She also has her ADX (Agility Dog Excellent), JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent), GD (Gamblers Dog), SD (Snooker Dog) SPDX (Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent), ET (Endurance Tested), HT (Herding Tested) and DWDF.S (Dances With Dogs Freestyle Starters) titles. She is hip and elbow scored – elbows 0:0 and hips 3:1. Ruby has been officially temperament tested by accredited Dogs NSW and NSW Dept Local Govt testers. She is also accredited as a VIP – Visiting Interactive Pet – and allowed to visit nursing homes. She won the obedience trialler of the year award at Grafton Dog Obedience Club in 2007 – her first year of trialling. 13 weeks old Almost 2 years old We had a lot of fun doing herding! Ruby loves the cat 6 years old here 10 years old 12 years old now – time goes too fast!! Dam of the Card Games litter (19/10/08) T. Ch Neut Ch. Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX SD SPD GD ET Callicoma Queen Of Hearts Callicoma The Joker Callicoma Patience Neut. Ch. Callicoma Winning Trick CD RA HSAs ET Aus Ch Callicoma Trump Card ET Aus Ch Callicoma Tarot Cards SPD JD Mother of the Red and Black Racehorses litter (5/10/11) Callicoma Red Rhythm Callicoma Red Flair Callicoma Red Amigo Callicoma Red Jack Neut Ch Callicoma Black Tango UD RM RAE FS.A HTM.A Callicoma Black Caviar Callicoma Black Tuxedo Callicoma Black Gold Callicoma Black Label Callicoma Painted Black And mother of the Australian Wineries litter (11/1/13) Callicoma Red Edge Callicoma Petaluma Callicoma By Jingo HSAs HSBs PT Callicoma Riversands Callicoma Bluestone Callicoma Echo Ridge See Ruby doing an agility demonstration: See Ruby doing her Man From Snowy River Routine at our first ever Dances With Dogs trial: Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RE ADX JDX SD SPDX GD ET HT DWDF.S: Ch Oatland Chieftan ET Oatland Hawkeye Ch Oatland Redskin CH Oatland Rockateer  CH Spectre The Barb  CH Spectre Miss Ohara CH Oatland Nightcap  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Morkerbook Sunlover CH Oatland Showgirl  CH Oatland Jackaroo  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Morkerbook Sunlover  Spectre Justtoogood  Glendalock Columbo  Spectre Rhythm Girl CH Oatland Blue Jean CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Glendorvic Shep  Kurranulla Darky  CH Happyvalley Trixie Blue  Butterbone Cleo Lane  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad  CH Butterbone Peggy Lee CH Morkerbook Sunlover  CH Bookarilli Basil CD  CH Jaguar Luckey lad  Neganamo Sunbeam  CH Kejeroo Boronia  CH Kairoban Korra  CH Kairoban Kynuna Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT CH Spectre The Barb […]

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