Elbrylach Cinnamon RN AD JDX GD SD SPD

Spice Jumping


Chocolate bitch
D.O.B. - 3 July 2014
Ch Callicoma Maher x Callicoma Choc Eclair ET

Spice was bred by Elbrylach kennels, using two dogs I bred. She is a very sweet, foxy girl.

She lived with my good friend Ray during 2015 and part 2016 and he trained her for agility with his sight set on the 2016 agility nationals and all his hard work paid off - she won 1st place in the Novice Jumping Dog finals and second place in the Novice Agility Dog finals, as well as winning heats for both as well!

Spice has had her hips and elbows scored - elbows 0:0 and hips 2:2

Spice now has her RN (Rally Novice), AD (Agility Dog), JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent), GD (Gamblers Dog), SD (Snooker Dog) and SPD (Strategic Pairs Dog) titles.



8 weeks old


Loves the water already!


Learning her agility contacts already - 10 weeks old


At Ray's place with all his dogs


10 months old


15 months old

Almost 2 years old and winning at the Agility Nationals

Spice Jumping Spice Tunnel
Spice doing a handstand

Spice is very fit and flexible!

Spice on Balance Disc

Spice Sitting

Spice Standing

Just turned 2 years

with some winnings

with some winnings


3 years old now

Pedigree of Elbrylach Cinnamon RN AD JDX GD SD SPD:

Ch Callicoma Maher  Ch Bushechoes Fox Whisky  Glendalock Dark Raider  Glendalock Fox Whisky  Ch Glendalock Fox Line
 Glendalock My Treasure
 Ch Glendalock Cleopatra  Glendalock Teakwood
 Glendalock Lunar Queen
 Glendalock Gold Finger  Ch Glendalock King Midas  Glendalock Clear Adios
 Glendalock Foxy Lady
 Glendalock Cherry Liquer  Glendalock Fox Line
 Glendalock My Treasure
 Ch Spectre Blacklock  CH Spectre The Barb  Svetlana Pancho  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 Spectre Gypsy Miss
 CH Spectre Lookat Me  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark
 CH Spectre Rhythm Girl
 Ch Spectre Switch In Time  Ch Spectre Rhythm Kingdom  Ch Spectre Galliant Snip
 Spectre Sarina
 Ch Spectre Stepping Out  Ch Butternone Rhythm Lad
 Kurranulla choco
Callicoma Choc Eclair ET Ch Callicoma Orion ET Ch Oatland Chieftan ET  Oatland Hawkeye  Ch Oatland Redskin
CH Oatland Showgirl
 Ch Oatland Blue Jean Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover
CH Spectre Blacklock ET Ch Spectre The Barb Svetlano Pancho
Ch Spectre Lookat Me
Ch Spectre Switch In Time Ch Spctre Rhythm Kingdom
Ch Spectre Stepping Out
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