Elbrylach Cinnamon RN AD JDX GD SD SPD TK.N

Spice was bred by Elbrylach kennels, using two dogs I bred. She is a very sweet, foxy girl.

She lived with my good friend Ray during 2015 and part 2016 and he trained her for agility with his sights set on the 2016 agility nationals and all his hard work paid off – she won 1st place in the Novice Jumping Dog finals and second place in the Novice Agility Dog finals, as well as winning heats for both as well!

Spice has had her hips and elbows scored – elbows 0:0 and hips 2:2

Spice now has her RN (Rally Novice), AD (Agility Dog), JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent), GD (Gamblers Dog), SD (Snooker Dog),  SPD (Strategic Pairs Dog) and TK.N (Tricks Novice) titles.

Spice has had her heart checked and certified clear by a cardiologist May 17 (at age almost 3), and again May 18 (almost 4 years old) and again June 19 (age 6) 🙂 

She has had her eyes checked and certified clear by an opthalmologist Oct 19.

Pedigree of Elbrylach Cinnamon RN AD JDX GD SD SPD TK.S:

Spice Pedigree
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