Snooza Futons

This is the bed my dogs use inside as it will not house fleas, is comfortable and great value for money.

Australian wool, blended with polyester (machine washable and dry cleanable) closed inside a calico cover, and quilted. Then over the top of this is a removable, washable, printed calico cover (in your choice of blue, green or natural). Warm in winter, cool in summer.

Replacement covers available.

green snooza futon

  Length Width
Mini     520mm        420mm    
Original      830mm        530mm    
Mighty     980mm        680mm   
Sizes are approximate

Mini - $29.10 (replacement cover - $10.10)

Original - $46.95 (replacement cover - $12.55)

Mighty - $62.95 (replacement cover - $16.90)

blue snooza futoncream snooza futon

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