Callicoma Rouge

RougeRouge is the newest girl in the Callicoma family. 

Only 8 weeks old when I wrote this, so not much to say about Rouge just yet, except that I have high hopes for her in the show ring and in agility and obedience, given who her lovely parents are

Pedigree of Callicoma Rouge:

KORAD Vickulas willy Wonka

Outback Workaholics Halls Creek VIPFr Ch Amba De Royal PerigordFr Ch Freedom Of Corindell  
Fr Ch Zola of Corindell 
Ger Ch Lux Ch Callicoma BlitzenCh Oatland Chieftan 
Ch Callicoma Leica 
Se UCh KORAD Vickulas PirayaKORAD Leagardens BrasseSU Ch SL Ch SB Ch KORAD TJH Billy 
SU Ch KORAD Jejmic’s Lea 
FI UCh SL Ch S &Nu Ch KORAD LPII SV Vickulas KylieFoxforest Son Of The Beast 
Vickulas Ettra  
Ch Callicoma Fancy NancyWilsonia The WranglerCh Callicoma Orion Ch Oatland Chieftan 
Ch Spectre Blacklock 
Ch Charlstud Country GirlDewregal Chocolate Bud 
Ch Charlstud Tinkerbell 
Ch Callicoma Peppermint Twist ETGr Ch Mountainmist Mandingo HTCh Linbarlee Hondo 
Mountainmist Jinka 
Ch Callicoma Bronze BeautyCh Oatland Chieftan ET 
Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT