Roo Treats

Roo Jerky

This is dried roo meat. Nothing added. It dries to a hard chew, not suitable for snapping in to pieces as a training treat, more suited as a chew to keep your dog happy. Low in fat, tough and chewy, great for dental hygiene.

Sold by weight:

$12.50 per 200g
$29.00 per 500g
$45.00 per kg



Dried Roo Liver

100% Australian dried roo liver. 100% natural, no preservatives or additives. Roo is very low in fat so this is a great treat for a dieting dog, or a dog allergic to beef or lamb.

Can be snapped in to small pieces for training treats.

100g - $5.00
500g - $18.00
1kg - $31.50

roo liver


Roo Tendons

Dried roo tendons, still with quite a lot of dried meat attached - my dogs love them and it takes a kelpie 10 minutes of chewing to get through one. Each approx 15 - 20cm long.

200g - $15.00
1kg - $59.00

 roo tendons


Kangaroo Knee Cartilage

A fantastic long lasting dental chew for small dogs. These Kangaroo knee cap chews are very dense cartilage giving a long lasting hard chew – the low fat alternative to a pig snout chew. Around 6-8cm long and 4-6cm wide and weighing about 20g each.

100% dehydrated kangaroo kneecaps- nothing else added.

200g - $15
1kg - $59.00

roo knee cartilage


Kangaroo rib racks

Kangaroo ribs make a great low fat dental dog treat. 

100% air dried kangaroo ribs - not heated, so do not splinter.

200g - $8.00
1kg - $34.00

 roo ribs


Kangaroo trachea

Approx 20cm long and 20g each - these are a fantastic crunchy, low fat chew.

200g - $12.00
1kg - $58.00

roo trachea
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