The ultimate multiple bowl litter feeder. Made from injection moulded tough polypropylene. Comes with 6 quality stainless steel bowls.

The unique features & benefits of Weanafeeda:

  • Weanafeeda  allows one person to carry a number of feeding bowls all at once in one hand.
  • Weanafeeda’s  unique  segregating stalls ensure that each pup gets its fair share of food resulting in an even growth rate throughout the whole litter.
  • Weanafeeda  is lightweight, completely stable and non-chewable.
  • The carry handle is coated steel.
  • Weanafeeda enables  individual pups to be given medication or supplements.
  • Weanafeeda  prevents spillage, is easy to clean – ready for the next feed.
  • Weanafeeda  is a training aid, pups associate it with food and feeding times. It helps to eliminate any aggression associated with food.
  • It ensures pups are used to feeding individually when they go to their new homes.
  • Replacement bowls are available – $4 each.

Height – 14cm at highest point, width 32cm, length 56cm,weight 2.25kg, bowls 13cm diameter and 250ml capacity – $80 each

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