Training Leads are available in soft cotton webbing, brushed polyester, or nylon webbing to match the collars and harnesses.

Soft cotton webbing available in red, blue, black – 16 or 25mm wide.  This webbing is very soft on your hands. It is the nicest to hold when training your dog. It will not burn your hands if the dog pulls. It does absorb water and become heavy, especially if you have a long lead.

Brushed polyester is the ribbed webbing in the pictures above. It is very lightweight and does not absorb water. It is not as soft in your hands, but many people still think it is cotton. It will burn if the dog pulls the lead through your hands. Due to its light weight it is ideal for tiny dogs, or any situation you do not want a heavy lead getting in the way or distracting your dog (like training scentwork). It is available in 19 and 25mm wide, in red, black, blue, purple, as well as 12mm wide in black only.

Nylon leads available in all 15 collar colours -purple, black, rose, burgundy, hot pink, pale pink, red, neon orange, gold, hot lime, green, teal, ice blue, ocean blue or royal blue (also patterned – click here to see patterns available) –  in 16mm, 19mm or 25mm wide. This webbing does not absorb water, is medium weight, but will burn of the dog pulls a long lead through your hands.

We also have reflective nylon webbing in 25mm wide in black or green. It has two reflective threads sewn through it (see pics). 

Available in any length. Most commonly asked for are 4ft (120cm), 6ft (180cm), 16ft (5m) or 33ft (10m) long.

10m leads are suitable for tracking trials. Can also be made with reflective sections for Track and Search trials (in any length) – see pics.

You can design your own lead – length, width, colour, material, type of clip etc. If I do not have it listed, please ask me.

Snap hooks are nickel plated, triple sewn for strength.

Solid brass or stainless steel snap hooks ($7 each) can be added if you take your lead to the beach a lot, but only available for 19mm and 25mm width leads.

Cotton webbing prices:

 1.2m long1.8m long5m long10m long
16mm wide$8.00$10.00$21.50$34.50
25mm wide$10.75$13.00$27.75$43.50

Brushed Polyester webbing prices:

 1.2m long1.8m long5m long10m long
12mm wide$5.50$6.50$15.75$23.50
19mm wide$8.50 $9.25$17.50$26.50
25mm wide$9.00$9.75$19.00$29.50

Nylon webbing prices:

 1.2m long1.8m long5m long10m long
10mm wide$6.50 $10.00 $19 $30.00
16mm wide$8.50$9.50$16.50$25.00
19mm wide$9.50 $10.25$19.50$26.50
25mm wide$10.75$12.75$21.00$34.50

Patterns or reflective threads add to the price. Add $9 to a 1.2m lead, or proportionate for other lengths.

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  • lead with brass dees

    Double Ended Leads

    With a clip on both ends and dees along the length you can adjust the length of this lead with one clip.

    Available in 2 widths and 5 colours – $17 (16mm wide), $18 (25mm wide).

  • patterned harness

    Tracking / Walking / Front or Rear attach /Car Harnesses

    These harnesses can be used as a walking harness, for tracking or for use in the car.

    Available in 3 sizes and 12 colours and a variety of patterns – $25 – $34 each

  • patterned collar

    Clip On Collars

    Adjustable to fit all dogs – strong webbing, triple sewn for extra strength. Dee is sewn away from clip to resist wearing.

    Available in 4 sizes and 5 colours and a variety of patterns – $9.50 – $14 each.

  • dumbbell


    For retrieving games or for obedience competition. White only – available in 4 sizes. $10.95 – $15.95

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