These “Y fronted” tracking harnesses are very comfortable for the dog. They can also be used for walking if you don’t like your dog pulling on its neck.

Many harnesses available in pet shops have a front like a collar so the dog puts pressure on its neck if it pulls, but this harness comes down in a Y shape at the front.

They are available in three sizes and are fully adjustable in five places.

  • Small (16mm webbing) fits a Jack Russell Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, miniature schnauzer etc
  • Medium (19mm webbing or 25mm webbing – you choose) fits a smallish cocker spaniel to medium sized Kelpie.
  • Large (25mm webbing) can adjust to fit a medium dog (large kelpie size), up to a large dog (German shepherd or ridgeback size).

Both shoulder straps, both sides of the girth strap and the strap running along under the belly are all adjustable which allows for the huge range in fit for one size.

If you are going to take your harness to the beach you might like to consider brass or stainless steel dees. That would add $7.00 to the price of a harness.

See also my front and rear attach harnesses, for those people who can not decide whether they want a front attach to stop pulling or a rear attach to be used in the car.

An adapter is available to allow the harness to be connected to a seat belt and used in the car – $8.00

Available in thirteen colours: – purple, black, rose, burgundy, hot pink, red, neon orange, gold, hot lime, green, teal, ocean blue or royal blue (also patterns$9.00 extra)

Price: small $20.00
medium: $23.50
large: $25.50


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