Soft latex teats suitable for any bottle or syringe with an 18mm – 24mm neck.

My preferred teat (and the one I keep in stock) is F. I have used this to feed kelpie puppies of 100g and above. I have also fed doberman puppies with this teat.

If you have a really small breed of dog you might want SD, which I can order in within a few days, but do not have sitting available on hand.

They can be washed with soapy water or placed in baby bottle sanitising solution to clean between uses. Store dried and can dust with some corn flour to keep dry.

Both styles of teat – $2.50 each.

(note I do not sell the bottles as I much prefer glass syringes)

There is no hole in the teats – you have to make it yourself. That way you can make it to suit the age and size of the puppy. Pierce the tip of the teat with a hot needle to make a hole. The hole should be large enough for milk to drip out slowly when the bottle or syringe is inverted.

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