Roo leather is 10 times stronger than other leathers, so even a fine roo leather lead is very strong. Made from 4 strands (round plait) of 3mm, 4.5mm or 6mm leather.

4.5mm leather is easily strong enough for my kelpies.

Available in brown or black, in any length you would like. Standard lengths are 50cm, 70cm, 90cm, but you can choose what you want.

You can also choose the clip size and colour (silver or gold).

Lead above is 90cm long, 4.5mm leather, with medium gold clip.

Clips available – large only in silver, medium and small in gold or silver.

Joseph Lyddy Dubbin – for care of your leather leads (or boots!), neutral coloured – 125g – $12.25

Price dependent on length:

3mm leather 50cm – $15.00
70cm – $19.00
90cm – $23.00
4.5mm leather 50cm – $18.00
70cm – $22.00
90cm – $26.00
6mm leather 50cm – $20.00
70cm – $24.00
90cm – $28.00

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