Pet Relax Spray – 200ml

I first heard of this product being used in vet clinics – the vets would rub it on their hands and then around the neck and ears of dogs, and the dogs would behave much better than usual. So I bought some to try on my dog who hated obedience stays. Next thing he relaxed in the stays and got his CCD! I now highly recommend it.

Several years of research and trials have resulted in the unique Pet Relax formula. The formula contains a pet attractant and works by distracting pets from environmental stress to help maintain normal composure.

🐶 Fast acting localised distraction from stress

🐶 Works on many pets including cats, dogs & small mammals

🐶 Natural & Cost effective

🐶 200ml spray will deliver 870 pumps (0.23ml each)

🐶 Lasts 2 – 4 hours

🐶 Safe on skin – water based, pH neutral formula

🐶 Spray on pet bedding or in travel environment

🐶 Great for walking or training anxious dogs, spray on a bandana or trouser leg or rub under dogs chin

🐶 Can be used in clinic on grooming tables, examination tables, base of crates, work-tops and grooming tools

Price – $34.00 each

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