Lickimats are a great enrichment mat for your dog. Perfect for dogs that eat too quickly or who get bored easily, just fill with tasty food to keep your dog entertained. These mats can be used as a boredom buster, to make smaller meals last longer and can be used to encourage calm behaviour in stressful situations such as fireworks. The mats are non slip and easy to use.

Lickimat Playdate (squares), Soother (dots) and Buddy (crosses) have different textured surfaces.

To use the Lickimats, all you have to do is spread a soft food on the top surface of the mat. I have used peanut butter, mashed up dog food or natural yogurt as a topping. You can even freeze the Lickimat for a cooling treat on a hot day and to make the treats last even longer!

Lickimats are dishwasher and freezer safe. They are made of non toxic food grade rubber.

Benefits of Lickimats:

  • Licking is a soothing behaviour for dogs and releases calming hormones.
  • Makes small meals last longer, perfect for dogs that need to lose weight.
  • Helps promote a healthy mouth as licking stimulates saliva production.

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Lickimats come in green, purple, turquoise and orange, colour will be selected at random.

$14 each

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