The ultimate chew toy – virtually indestructible. Stuff them with food and your dog will adore its kong. Advised for dogs that are left for periods on their own, and for dogs that are destructive, or become upset when left.

Available in many designs:

Red Kong (the original) available in five sizes:

Small – $12.50
Medium  – $15.50
Large  – $18.00
XLarge – $24.50
XXL – $31.00

Black kong – stronger rubber for stronger chewers.

Available in 2 sizes:

large – $23.50
XXL – $35.50

Puppy kong – softer rubber for softer chewing puppies.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small -suitable for small puppies – yorkshire terrier, pomeranian sized – $12.00
Medium – suitable for medium sized puppies eg kelpie sized – $18.00
Large – labrador, greyhound sized puppies – $21.00

Kong Aqua on Rope – this floating kong is designed for water play.

The rope allows you to throw it a long way in to the water.

Now in orange for better visibility.

Large- $23.95

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