Swabs are useful for cleaning wounds, bathing eyes, pre-injection swabbing, & can be used as a dressing.

7.5cm x 7.5cm

Pack of 100 – $5.95

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  • cotton wool and gauze roll

    Cotton Wool and Gauze Roll

    A highly absorbent cotton wool in a low adherent tubular gauze cover.

    30cm x 3.5m – $14.75

  • buffered iodine spray

    Farnham Buffered Iodine Spray

    Non stinging iodine spray for cuts and abrasions. 500ml – $28.10

  • kleo ear cleaner

    Kleo Ear Cleaner

    Has a cleansing, drying antiseptic action. Easy to apply as has soft flexible applicator tube at top.  100ml – $12.75

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