Dried Tuna

This is dried albacore tuna, a very smelly and very tasty treat, loved by dogs and cats alike. It is caught off the East Coast of Australia in a dolphin safe environment.

Tuna has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids so these are a highly nutritious and beneficial treat – Omega 3’s are known for their anti inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.

No nutrients are lost though drying, in fact the nutrients are concentrated – it takes 1kg of fresh wet meat to get 200 – 300g of dry treat, so the nutrition from that whole kilogram, ends up in the 300g of treats!

100g – $9.50
200g – $18.00
500g – $40.00
1kg – $75.00

When I first got a sample of these treats and saw how wild the dogs went for them, I tried them for clipping the nails of one of my dogs who hates her nails clipped. That afternoon all her nails got done as she would let me do anything as long as she got a fish treat for it. My cat does not mind them either – he has opened quite a few post satchels that I have got ready for posting!


Shark Skin Dental Chews

100% shark skins with no preservatives, additives, colourings, nothing….just dried shark skin. Rolled in to a chew approx. 15cm long and 4cm round. Approx 40 – 50g each.

Shark Skin Dental Chews are very strong making them incredibly healthy dental aids and chews for all sizes of dog. As a stick they can chew away while holding with their paws and it makes a great teeth cleaner as they go. All fish are caught in a sustainable fashion according to Australian standards.

Fish dog treats have a high natural level of omega 3 and 6 which have a lot of claimed health benefits for joints, skin and coat.

200g – $15.00
1kg – $65.00

Fish Skin Twists

These are 100% mackerel fish skin twisted in to long chews. The texture is rough and they are great for cleaning teeth.

Being a natural product the size does vary, but they average 20cm x 2cm and weight 30g.

200g – $14.00

1kg – $53.00

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