The Dremel Micro cordless rotary tool offers the perfect combination of size, ergonomics and power for grinding dog’s nails.

To illuminate the dogs nails as you work, the Dremel Micro feature LED lights that have been built uniquely into the nose cap.

  • Convenient battery level indicator lights
  • High-capacity V8 Li-on battery technology
  • Self-stopping docking station that automatically stops charging when the batteries have reached capacity

This is now how I grind all my dogs nails. No more need for nail clippers of files. The Dremel Micro is light weight and maneuverable. The lights on the end mean I no longer have to go out in to daylight to do nails. The Dremel Micro does come with a variety of attachments, but I only use the cardboard sandpaper drum. (You might like to do other DIY tasks using the other attachments?)

I can do about 10 of my dogs’ nails on one charge. Have a close up look of the picture of nails to see how I get their nails looking, and this is so much easier than clipping!!


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