Double Ended Leads

Double ended leads have a clip on both ends and two dee rings along their length. This allows the lead length to be adjusted with just one click, and also makes it very easy to tie the dog up, by snapping the handle end of the lead around a post.

These double ended leads are made of soft cotton webbing and are available in two widths (16mm and 25mm) the narrower lead has a smaller, lighter weight clip (still holds a kelpie) than the wider lead. All leads adjust from 95cm to 120cm to 155cm to 188cm long, by clipping one end to a different dee.

Available in four colours – red, blue, black and purple – $17.00 for 16mm wide, $18.00 for 25mm wide (see below re purple).

Can also be made in nylon webbing like the collars if you wish, and in patterns to match patterned collars – please enquire.

Solid brass snap hooks ($7 each) and dee rings ($2.50 each) can be added if you take your lead to the beach a lot.

Picture shows a double ended lead with brass snaps and dees (and a martingale collar).

So many people asked me about purple cotton leads, however the lovely soft cotton webbing I use is only available in red, black and blue. I have sourced purple cotton webbing however it is only available in the 25mm wide width and is not as soft as the other colours. It is still 100% cotton, but a bit harsher on your hands.

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