This Donerite Herbal Stable/Kennel Spray is a Natural safe Non-toxic alternative to chemical sprays!

Also with the same unique blend of natural oils as the herbal shampoo – neem oil, citronella oil and tea tree oil.

The Donerite Herbal Stable/Kennel Spray is successfully being used by many Stables, Boarding Kennels, Bird Breeders, & Poultry Farmers to spray in & around feed containers, nesting boxes or any other Problem areas etc.

Can also be diluted in the rinse water after shampooing your Pet, and to wash out & deodorize bedding areas! I have personally used it to get rid of red back spiders and ants from my kennels, and also sprayed it on to my dogs to repel mosquitoes at night.

It can be sprayed directly on to animals or diluted up to 1 part in 4 parts water. It leaves animals smelling fresh and with a shine on their coats.

We only stock the 1 litre pump pack – $23.45

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