Amber glass jar, with black plastic screw on lid with wad and Caska seal to make air tight – for storing your scented Q-tips. 31cm high, 44cm diameter.

You can buy them blank or labelled “Birch”,  “Anise”, “Cypress” or “Clove”.

Price – $4.00 each or set of 4 labelled – $14.00

Also available – sheet of 12 stickers “Birch”,  “Anise”or “Clove”. to allow you to label bags, containers, tweezers etc that are used for each scent – $1.50

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  • centrifuge tube

    Centrifuge Tubes

    Centrifuge tube (for Scent Work) – 50c each or 5 for $2.00

  • Essential Oils for Scent Work

    Essential Oils (for Scent Work) – Birch, Anise, Cypress or Clove – $12.00 for 10ml or set of 4 for $40

  • Lip Balm tubes

    Lip Balm Tubes (for Scent Work) – $1.50 for brown or  $2.00 for camo

  • Birch Odour

    Scented Q tips

    Scented Q tips (for Scent Work) – $6.00 each  or set of 4 labelled – $20.00

  • tweezers

    Plastic Tweezers

    Plastic tweezers for scentwork – $1 each

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