Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CD

  • Blue bitch
  • 10 Aug 1994 – 25 Jan 2006

  • Ch Oatland Rockateer x  Ch Oatland Blue Jean


Pippin was my first pedigree kelpie. I was finally able to show my dog as well as compete in obedience. Despite me knowing nothing about showing dogs Pip won many classes in group and a runner up to best in group.

She had her CD (companion dog) title and gained two passes in open obedience (3 needed for CDX title)
She competed in tracking trials, and was a regular performer in local obedience displays.

Despite being the mother to only one litter she is grandmother or great grandmother or great grand mother to most of my dogs.

As Pippin got older she had heart problems, and got congestive heart failure aged nearly 12.


Mother of the Cameras litter (10/6/1999)

Pedigree of Ch. Oatland Pipistrelle CD:

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