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  • dolomite


    Calcium magnesium carbonate
    $3.50 per kilo

  • kelp

    Kelp powder

    Australian seaweed meal powder
    $11.50 per kilo

  • sulfur powder

    Sulfur Powder

    Yellow – also known as flours of sulphur. $10.50 to $18.00 depending on pack size.
  • vitamin e

    Vitamin E Powder

    This is the natural form of Vitamin E, not synthetic.
    $11 – $20 depending on pack size

  • pron8ure

    ProN8ure (formerly Protexin)

    Multi strain probiotic powder.
    $10 – $88 depending on pack size.

  • vitamin c

    Vitamin C Powder

    Ascorbic Acid powder – 1 teaspoon = 4000mg
    $8 – $34 depending on pack size

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