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  • weanafeeda


    Multiple bowl carrier/feeder for puppies.

    Includes 6 stainless steel bowls.


  • lickimat


    Lickimat Buddy, Soother or PlayDate


  • Lickimat Tuff Pro

    Lickimat Tuff Pro

    Lickimat Tuff Pro


  • Puppy Saucer

    Puppy Saucer

    Stainless Steel Puppy Saucers with raised centre.

    Available in 2 sizes – $15.75 – $29.00

  • glass syringes

    Glass Syringes

    For attaching to teat to deliver formula (much better control than using a bottle!) – $17.20

  • Wombaroo F teat


    Latex teats suitable for any bottle or syringe with an 18mm – 24mm neck. Available in 2 sizes – $2.50 

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