All collars, leads or harnesses can be made in nylon, cotton or brushed polyester in the following colours and patterns.

We have 13 plain colours available in nylon: Black, Rose, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Red, Neon Orange, Yellow, Hot Lime, Green, Teal, Ocean Blue, Blue, Purple. You can choose 16mm wide, 19mm wide or 25mm wide.

Webbing colours available

We also have reflective webbing (two reflective threads woven in to the nylon). Only available in hot lime or black, and in 25mm wide.

Black reflective webbingGreen Reflective Webbing

In the lovely soft cotton webbing that we make our leads from you can choose from red, black or blue in 25mm, 20mm or 16mm wide.  This webbing does not burn your hands if it runs through them.

We also have brushed polyester in red, black, blue or purple. This is a ribbed, soft feel webbing (although not as soft as the cotton). It is very lightweight and does not absorb water, so it does not get heavy when wet. For that reason it is great for long leads 5m or more.

red polyblue polypurple polyblack poly

Or you can select a pattern. This will be stitched on the webbing background – you choose your pattern and you choose your background.

Add $4.50 to a collar for patterned or reflective, or $9 to a 1.2m lead or $9 to a harness.

Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope (any width webbing)

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses (any width webbing)

Brown Scrolls

Brown Scrolls (19mm or 25mm webbing only)

CapuccinoCapuccino (any webbing)

Multi Zebra (any webbing)

Pink Paisley

Pink Paisley (any webbing)

Blue and Grey Stripes

Blue and Grey Stripes (any webbing)

Gold on black or black on gold (woven in to webbing – 15 or 20mm only)

Pink on black or black on pink (woven in to webbing – 15mm only)



Beaches (any width webbing)

Silver Scrolls

Silver Scrolls (19mm or 25mm wide webbing only)


Rainbow (any webbing)

Blue on black or black on blue (woven into the webbing – 15 or 20mm only)

Orange on black or black on orange (woven in to the webbing – 15 or 20mm only)

Red on black or black on red (woven in to the webbing – 15 or 20mm only)

Green on black or black on green (woven in to webbing – 15 or 20mm only)

Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains (19 or 25mm webbing only)


Pink Shields

Pink Shields (19 or 25mm webbing only)


Purple pansies (25mm webbing only)

Pink (25mm), Green (25mm), Purple (25mm), Blue (19 or 25mm) or Orange (25mm) Paws


Bubbles (25mm webbing only)


Zany cubes (25mm webbing only)


I Need Space

I Need Space (19 or 25mm webbing only)


Sunflower (19mm or 25mm webbing only)

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers (19 or 25mm webbing)

Geometric (19 or 25mm webbing)

Blue and gold scrolls (19 or 25mm webbing)

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