First Aid

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Farnham Buffered iodine Spray

Non stinging iodine spray for cuts and abrasions.

500ml - $25.10


Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray

A wound antiseptic with insect repellant activity.

500ml - $30.05

Manuka Wound Gel

Made from medicinal honey.

30g tube - $16.80


Cotton Wool and Gauze Roll

A highly absorbent cotton wool in a low adherent tubular gauze cover.

30cm x 3.5m - $14.75

Gauze Swabs

7.5cm x 7.5cm

Pack of 100 - $8.95


 Co Plus Self-Adherent Bandage

Flexible and durable self adherent bandage. Available in 2 widths.

$8.40 - $10.95

Stitch cutter

Sterile blade to safely remove stitches -

$1.00 each


Hydrocortisone Spray

hydrocortisone spray

118ml - $18.00